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weekly reduction in unplanned downtime


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customer satisfaction

End-to-end Support

Our team is constantly in contact to make sure you feel confident and get value from the product. You’re supported at every step of the way, from initial setup and onboarding to discovering new insights.


Although our tech is low touch (averaging 4 mins/month support time), we’re always here when you need us. Access flexible, user-friendly resources any time you need, or call our customer success and dev team.

Hands on

Our people roll up our sleeves and get things done. We often visit sites in-person (if we’re nearby), run extra team training, and take the initiative to identify (and solve) any issues quickly.

Expertise on tap

Set up regular health check sessions to look at your data alongside our experts (as often as you need). We’ll discuss opportunities, industry trends, and ways to maximize your results.

Capable & caring

Based in Melbourne, our service desk team is qualified, smart, and experts in the product. And because we prioritize cultural fit, our people are caring, positive, and easy to talk to.

Dedicated to your success

We’re driven to ensure every customer gets value, with measurable gains and proven success. Our FREE 30 day trial with unlimited access to OFS software and hardware is only just the start.

Over the last 15+ years, we’ve supported manufacturers in 15+ countries, across thousands of manufacturing lines. You can count on OFS for ongoing support and innovative solutions that evolve with your company’s needs.


Automate and digitize your processes

Master your workflow and improve data accuracy through automated data collection, digital forms, and alerts. Get complete visibility of the shop floor in real-time so you can respond quickly to events, while freeing up your team to work more efficiently.

Smarter decisions, backed by data

With OFS, you don’t have to be a data expert to understand performance. Accurate, accessible dashboards empower your whole team to take fast action, prioritise issues, and find new ways to optimize performance.

Fast set up, easy integration

You don’t need an in-house data expert or IT background to implement OFS. With our plug-and-play solution, user-friendly interface, and dedicated support, you could be set up in under two hours… and making smarter decisions in just one week.
"With OFS, now we look at things like where do we have to improve, what can be done with that, what are we seeing around downtimes, what are the chief causes, how do we stop that. Without the data, how would you even commence the conversation."
John Aubert, Plant Manager, Visy Packaging


Monitor production performance via connected devices and software, combining data from your machinery and team into beautiful reports
and dashboards.



Add another layer to OFS-X, using events to trigger form entries and alerts that capture information from the right person at the right time — fully digitised and automated.


Get started in less than 2 hours

Want to try OFS free for 30 days? Request a free trial below. Our team will identify your needs and send you a starter kit. You could have OFS on the shopfloor in no time.
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With simple installation, you could be collecting performance data in <2 hours
Use the insights and support to continually drive improvement, scale up, and expand into other areas