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Case Studies

Trusted by the world's leading global manufacturers

Empowering manufacturers of all sizes, across all industries.
Empowering manufacturers of all sizes, across all industries.

Asahi uses OFS as an enterprise tool to standardize manufacturing efficiency data.

Asahi Enterprise

Success Story

nudie installed OFS in just 6 days – instantly transforming their operational performance

nudie Foods 

Success Story

NCIA and OFS partner to monitor gas usage and find $400,000 a month in savings.


Success Story

PGH Bricks & Pavers (NSW) and OFS partner to find $120,000 a year in savings


Success Story

Early wins and huge time savings with OFS-X and OFS-Flow at Aryzta (VIC)


Success Story

Leading FMCG manufacturer partners with OFS and sees an 80% reduction in lost-time. 

Food Service

Success Story

HEAPS more bottles every hour

Customer Testimonials

Through the dedicated use of OFS, and with the engagement of operators, we have seen an OEE increase of around 15% in under 3 months in the latest OFS installation. Most importantly this increase has been sustained.

In our first week of using OFS we discovered that we were encountering an incredible amount of micro stops which was a major source of efficiency loss. We made a small capital investment to fix it and the net result was a significant improvement in our OEE. This one fix alone has paid for OFS.

We’ve seen results of improving OEE from under 50% to around 85% over a 4 month period…OFS helped bring to life where the key issues are on this line and we were able to focus and fix.

We knew we had efficiency losses, but accurately tracking them was difficult. OFS has given us a clear understanding of where our losses lie in a simple, easy to understand format that our operators love.

We used OFS as an enabler for our continuous improvement programs, where it helped highlight our mistakes and encouraged learning.


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