What is OFS?

OFS is powerful manufacturing software that enables peak performance.

Make smart decisions, faster.

Confidently back yourself with accurate, real-time metrics and continual tracking.

Turn productivity into profit.

Continually find new ways to go faster, waste less, and produce more.

Empower your people.

Put performance data front and center, giving your team the tools they need to drive change.


Discover how the beverage industry uses OFS

OFS can track and analyze performance data for any beverage that gets packed into a container on high-speed filling lines, including juice, water, sodas, and energy drinks. 

We support non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers like Remedy, nudie, Grove Juice, and Bundaberg with: 
Identifying and optimizing run speeds
Using real-time and historical data to quickly identify stops
and downtime
Digitizing and automating data capture for efficiency, standardization, and compliance
output increase
weekly reduction in unplanned downtime
craft brewing

Discover how the craft brewing industry uses OFS

Backed by data insights, our craft brewery customers get more product on the shelf and scale up with confidence. 

We proudly support a growing number of craft breweries, including Australian Beer Co, Stone & Wood, Stomping Ground, Pelican Brewing Company, Capital Brewing Co., and Balter. OFS enables them to: 
See what's happening across all lines and facilities
Know optimal speeds, asset performance, and why stops are occurring
Problem solve packaging issues to produce more beer
output increase
weekly reduction in unplanned downtime

Discover how the dairy industry uses OFS

Our customers in the dairy manufacturing space rely on OFS for user-friendly data insights that drive performance and profits. 

Backed by OFS, dairy manufacturers like Paris Creek Farms Organic Dairy, Bega, and Dairy works can:
Increase yield with visibility into lost product
Identify stops in real time to keep lines flowing
Unlock hidden profit and confidently expand their operations
increase in throughput
reduction in lost hours across all lines

Discover how the food industry uses OFS

OFS can track any kind of food production line, including bread, baking, confectionery, cereals, canned foods, and ready meals.  

With our insights, food brands like Ingham’s, Kraft Foods, Lindt, Sanitarium, Campbell’s, Goodman Fielder, Mondeley, and Twinings can: 
Get eyes on every part of their process (even across multiple sites and complex production lines)
Make smarter decisions, backed by data
Go paperless for quality, efficiency, and compliance
of paper-based checks digitized
uplift in OEE

Discover how the recycling industry uses OFS

Our customers in the recycling industry make an even bigger impact with insights into their processes and performance. 

We enable recycling and waste industry customers like Visy, Veolia (formerly SUEZ Group), SCGP and Pact Group to:
Identify why stops are happening in real time for faster response times
Give teams the tools to make smarter decisions, stay engaged, and improve performance
Monitor even the most complex systems as they scale up
~ 7 hours
additional production per week
savings per month from tracking energy usage to control costs

Discover how the packaging industry uses OFS

OFS was built specifically for manufacturers in the packaging industry that make boxes, cans, bottles, labels, and printed sheets. 

We enable packaging manufacturers like Pact Group, VISY, Detmold Group, and Free Flow Manufacturing to:
See all their assets in one place
Optimize run rates and changeovers
Set (and achieve) performance standards
decrease in unplanned downtime
constantly improved on all lines

Frequently asked questions

Got a question that’s not covered here? Contact our team — we’re here to help!

How does OFS collect information from my production line?
Our plug-and-play hardware unit collects data and sends it to the Cloud via connected sensors, and operators can enter comments via Operator Console. We also have solutions to extract information from existing equipment and can integrate most signals from existing PLCs, SCADA systems, historians, and sensors.
How much involvement does OFS require from machine operators and shopfloor people?
Machine operators will typically spend just 2-3 minutes engaging with OFS over an 8-hour shift. But the impact can be significant — delivering production improvements, automating manual processes, and digitizing paperwork. Best of all, most operators can start using our manufacturing software effectively in less than 1 hour.
Is OFS easy to use? How long does it take to start using it effectively?
Yes. Our solution is simple to use. Most manufacturers are up and running within an hour, and most operators have the basic knowledge needed after just one hour of training.
Does OFS record OEE?
Yes! OFS is one of the world’s most comprehensive, real time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) recording software packages.
Can I deploy OFS anywhere in the world?
Absolutely. We’re headquartered in Australia, but we can get OFS up and running in <2 weeks in almost any location, worldwide.
Does OFS provide support?
Yes. We do more than just technical support and basic training — OFS offers support at every step of the way. Our customer success team are experts in supporting your team to become confident with the product. With a wealth of manufacturing expertise, we work with you on an ongoing basis to help you translate data into valuable insights so you can achieve your goals.
How much does OFS cost?
We offer a range of features and pricing options that we can tailor to meet the needs of any manufacturer. The OFS sales team will recommend a solution that fits your equipment, processes, and goals. When you’re ready, reach out for a chat.
Can I test OFS before buying?
We offer a FREE 30 day trial, with our OFS-In-A-Box kit and unlimited access to OFS software from any web-enabled advice.
How do I get started?
To get started, register for a free 30 day trial or contact our team to find out more. We’ll send you the OFS all-in-one kit and walk you through the simple set up process, integrating hardware, sensors, and the OFS platform. You could be capturing live machine data in just 30 minutes.

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