Why food manufacturers use OFS

Our customers in the food manufacturing space use our software to package faster, minimize waste, and make data-backed decisions.

of paper-based checks digitized

4 hours

per week saved by digitizing


reduction in lost time


uplift in OEE


Get eyes on every part of your process

OFS simplifies complex food production by capturing, monitoring, reporting, and benchmarking data from every part of your process in one place. Visual reports and built-in metrics (like OEE) help to identify how production lines are running so you can optimize speed and reduce waste.

Make smarter decisions, backed by data

It's hard to argue with the data. OFS allows you to quickly quantify problems, prioritize profitable upgrades, and confidently decide on your next step. Plus, empower teams to drive continuous improvement, and adjust plans on-the-go in response to real-time performance insights.

Go paperless for quality, efficiency, and compliance

Digitize and automate with digital forms and quality checks, form validation, alerts, workflows, and data collected direct from sensors on your line. Enable your Industry 4.0 smart factory to maintain quality and compliance, while improving efficiency and standardizing your processes.

Get started in less than 2 hours

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Unlock more food manufacturing insights

Request our latest Food Industry Snapshot Report to see the latest data trends and performance averages for food manufacturers. Or chat to our team to get expert advice specific to your manufacturing operations.