Trusted by leading manufacturers
OFS quickly emerged as the standout solution. OFS helps Grove Juice see real-time data, so we can get a clear picture of what’s happening when we are running, how fast we’re running and what we can do to improve our run-time."
Zac Murray • Process Improvement Manager • Grove Juice
Trusted by leading manufacturers
"The reason we chose OFS over any other solution out there was really just from the simplicity point of view. It was easy to install and the implementation was a very easy process."
Guy Greenstone • Co-founder • Stomping Ground Brewing Co.
Trusted by leading manufacturers
"I believe that the introduction and use of the OFS system was the biggest ‘game changer’ I experienced in the twenty five years I have spent in the industry."
Bill Guthridge • General Manager • VISY Recycling
Trusted by leading manufacturers
"One year into our partnership, the responsiveness and openness OFS has shown to new challenges continues to impress. They are there when we need them, and their willingness to explore different approaches has led to much better outcomes for us both."
Jonathan Price • Operational Technology Architect • The Arnott's Group
Display live production data for easy reference on-the-floor, including Line Status, Speeds, and Downtime. Plus, record operator comments against events, shifts, and jobs.
With OFS Live Dashboards, get real-time visibility of the factory floor from any web device, anywhere. See OEE metrics, target completion times, job progress, shift performance, and more.
Use OFS Timeline to visualize past performance and identify patterns for future planning and resourcing. Zoom into see data for a specific period or zoom out to get the full picture. 
See how productive each hour is compared to the time available, zoom in on issues, identify bottlenecks, and see where production failed to meet targets.
Use your data to automate all the performance reports you need, including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), MTBF, Line Performance, Job/SKU Performance, Shift Performance, Downtime Reports, Target Vs Actual Units, and Equipment Utilization.
With all line data sent to OFS Cloud, you can securely log in to any web-enabled device to access your performance insights and monitor production lines any time, from anywhere in the world.
Get up and running in <30 minutes with OFS Sensors connected to your equipment (and our unique OFS-In-A-Box kit) continually capture data from your production line and send it to the OFS Cloud.
Instead of relying on operators to remember the next step (like completing a check, filling a form, or notifying maintenance), automatically trigger actions based on events (like unplanned stops or slow run rates). 

Each OFS product comes with access to our dedicated team of customer success specialists and product experts. We’re here to offer guidance and support so that you get value early on — and build on each success for continuous improvement and increased profits.
Go paperless with Flow Forms and Flow Checks, and collect the input you need from operators while they’re still on the factory floor.
Set up OFS Alerts to get email or SMS notifications based on unplanned events, form entries, or performance metrics.
Automatically check and validate form entries to meet your specifications and ensure forms are completed on time with custom expiry dates and deadlines.
Streamline information collection, simplify audits, and get more detailed insights with operator input seamlessly integrated with equipment data and performance reports.

Frequently asked questions

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How much input does OFS need from machine operators?
Machine operators will typically spend just 2-3 minutes engaging with OFS over an 8-hour shift. But the impact can be significant — delivering production improvements, automating manual processes, and digitizing paperwork. Best of all, most operators can start using our manufacturing software effectively in less than 1 hour.
What resources do I need to install and run OFS?
With a plug-and-play solution, we provide all the hardware and software needed to collect your data and send it to the Cloud. You can view OFS Dashboard and Operator Console on any existing web-enabled device (like a computer, tablet, or smartphone).

Installation is super simple. You don’t need an electrician or any new wiring. If you start with a single signal, you could have OFS installed in under 30 minutes. 
Can we expand OFS beyond just 1-2 signals?
Yes! You can use dozens of signals to scale up OFS. This means you can monitor various counts, events, and even the most complex manufacturing processes.
Can OFS integrate signals from my existing systems?
Yes. We have solutions to extract information from existing equipment and can integrate most signals from existing PLCs, SCADA systems, historians, and sensors. If you’ve got a specific integration in mind, please contact us and we’ll let you know what’s possible.
Who is OFS for?
OFS is designed for manufacturers (big and small) all over the world. Industries using OFS include beverage, packaging, food, dairy, recycling, craft brewing, and many more.
How much does OFS cost?
We offer a range of features and pricing options that we can tailor to meet the needs of any manufacturer. The OFS sales team will recommend a solution that fits your equipment, processes, and goals. When you’re ready, reach out for a chat.
Got questions about our products?
We’re here to help. Talk to our team of manufacturing experts.

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