Why beverage manufacturers use OFS

Our customers in the beverage manufacturing space easily implement OFS to unlock new insights and profits.

output increase


weekly reduction in unplanned downtime


profit increase in just 7 months

2 Weeks

to become a smart factory


Bottle faster

Track everything, from run rates to changeover times. Know your times and set lofty-but-realistic goals to help drive performance (in real time).That way, you can bottle more product (and higher quality products) in less time.

Fix leaks

With every piece of data captured, analyzed, and visualized on charts, you can easily find where your stops and downtime issues are coming from. And with real-time data and alerts, you can find and fix issues before they escalate.

Work smarter

Build your paperless, Industry 4.0 Factory with:
Digital forms – Efficiently collect operator data through forms and quality checks for compliance and more detailed insights
Automated workflows – Standardize and streamline processes with alerts and triggers
Instant data capture – Direct from the shop floor via connected sensors, making compliance easier than ever

Get started in less than 2 hours

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Unlock more beverage manufacturing insights

Request our latest Beverage Industry Snapshot Report to see the latest data trends and performance averages for beverage manufacturers. Or chat to our team to get expert advice specific to your manufacturing operations.