Why recycling manufacturers use OFS

Our customers in the recycling industry make an even bigger impact with insights into their processes and performance.

extra annual revenue through improved processes

~ 7 hours

additional production per week


savings per month from tracking energy usage to control costs

<3 weeks

to go from nothing to 100% visibility


Identify why stops are happening in real time

Use real-time data (and alerts) to find and fix stops as they happen, and before the problem escalates further. Plus, plant operators can also access historical data on assets to identify trends that lead to stops and put preventative plans in place.

Give your people the tools to succeed

With timely and accurate data, your people can transition from 'Waste Processors' to 'Recycling Technicians', enabling greater engagement and motivation. Empowered with the right tools to succeed, operators can make smarter decisions and recommend actions that improve performance.

Monitor even the most complex systems

Despite providing visibility into even the most complex recycling systems, OFS is a plug-and-play solution that's easy to set up and use. Plus, it can meet all scalability needs, reading data points across multiple sources and facilities so you can see data insights and performance metrics in one place.

Get started in less than 2 hours

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Unlock more recycling manufacturing insights

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