About Us

Great outcomes come from great teams. At OFS we believe a foundation of trust, empathy and empowerment builds great teams. We live this ourselves and build this into all our products.

At OFS, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in manufacturing. Wastage. What do we mean by wastage? We mean any time you are getting less for more, whether you are throwing out product, not making enough product, making poor quality product, filling out all the paperwork associated with all the time you are making less for more - and finally, all the time you waste analyzing inaccurate data to make poor decisions.


With years of experience in manufacturing, we believe the best way to solve this issue is by providing manufacturers with accurate and valuable data. Data that can be used by manufacturers to help make smart decisions about CAPEX and OPEX, data that aids manufacturers in understanding where capacity constraints exist, and data that assists manufacturers in understanding the performance and output of both machinery and human capital. 


With this data-driven approach to waste management in mind, we have developed a range of products that automate data collection from machinery and combine it with input and commentary from operators. This powerful combination of data is now used in over ten countries, by 10s of thousands of operators and in dozens of vertical industries to drive manufacturing efficiency and improve the profitability of manufacturing. 


For more information on our software suite and range of products, please click here. For more information on our values and how we build our values into our products, please click here.