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Operations Feedback Systems

About Us

Great outcomes come from great teams. At OFS we believe a foundation of trust, empathy and empowerment builds great teams. We live this ourselves and build this into all our products.


OFS software first entered production as far back as 1998. Early versions of OFS software supplied real-time feedback about production orders to planners and scheduling systems with the objective of increasing DIFOT (Deliveries In Full On Time). DIFOT certainly started improving but there was another surprise benefit – productivity was soaring! This proved to be the real prize delivered by OFS. That first OFS plant increased its capacity by an incredible 30%, and within a few months, OFS was deployed across dozens of sites.


This major economic benefit resulted in deferred capital expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars, brought about as a direct result of OFS software helping operators and management engage to get more output from existing equipment.

Since then, the main focus has been on how to best help operators, supervisors and managers get clarity around operations to increase efficiency and profitability as well as manage forms and workflow to build trust into processes.


OFS software is exclusively developed in Melbourne, Australia. Our commitment to frequent releases but with deployment in mind delivers the features our customers want along with matching evolving industry trends such as Industry 4.0, IIot and mobile devices (BYOD).


Today, tens of thousands of operators are using OFS technologies, generating an exceptional ROI across dozens of unique industries.​​


OFS software is deployed in many countries across the Asia Pacific region and can be configured for most languages. 

The OFS delivery model is well established and designed to be effective across multiple sites and geographies. The deployment model enables projects to be configured, managed and supported remotely – eliminating costly site visits. 

OFS also has an established sales and support network across South East Asia and is currently expanding partnerships in other countries in the Asia Pacific region. For more information on OFS partnerships, click here.

For more information, get in touch with our team.