Why craft breweries use OFS

Backed by data insights, our craft brewery customers make more beer with less waste — and scale up with confidence.

output increase


weekly reduction in unplanned downtime


wastage across all product lines

<1 hour

to get OFS up and running


See what's happening across all lines

With historical data, real-time data, automated alerts, and web-based dashboards, you'll always know what's going on, including:
Volume – How much you're producing
Issues – What issues are occurring and where, and what impact they’ll have on units produced (and profits)
Performance – Real-time performance against benchmarks or targets, and historical reports broken down by run, product, crew,
and reasons

Know optimal speeds, asset performance, and why stops are occurring

Use accurate data insights to identify:
Stops – Why stops are occurring on a line and how much they cost, including micro stops that impact efficiency
Assets – What the top priority issues or upgrades are, and which assets aren’t performing (so you can fix or replace them)
Targets – Optimal line speeds for setting benchmarks and performance targets

Problem solve packaging issues to produce more beer

Real data suggests that the average brewer only produces beer just over 50% of the time due to issues like unplanned downtime (most often on the packaging line). Smart craft brewers can use OFS insights to make changes that maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and increase output.

Get started in less than 2 hours

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Use the insights and support to continually drive improvement, scale up, and expand into other areas

Unlock more craft brewing manufacturing insights

Request our latest Craft Brewing Industry Snapshot Report to see the latest data trends and performance averages for craft breweries. Or chat to our team to get expert advice specific to your manufacturing operations.