Why packaging manufacturers use OFS

Built specifically for companies that produce packaging, OFS delivers efficiency with software designed to give you more visibility and control.

run rate improvements


decrease in unplanned downtime


profit increase in just 7 months


constantly improved on all lines


All your assets in one place

See real-time data on all your assets in one place, enabling end-to-end visibility across all your production lines and facilities so you can reduce variation and standardize performance measurements. Track every packaging process and environment, including containers, boxes, bottles, cans, and labels.

Optimize run rates and changeovers

With ever-shrinking run sizes, operators must find ways to optimize job changes and reduce packaging conversion costs. With OFS, you can:
Monitor – See processing speeds in real time
Analyze – Look at trends and identify ways to improve run rates and changeover times
Improve – Empower teams with data and increase your chances of hitting daily targets

Set performance standards

With accurate data and built-in OEE metrics, you can set benchmarks for performance and facilitate shared learnings across crews. With visual progress charts, teams can see whether they're in-front or behind and most importantly, do something about it. 

Get started in less than 2 hours

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Unlock more packaging manufacturing insights

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