Go paperless for streamlined data capture

Use the power of IoT to automatically capture detailed data via sensors and PLCs on your production line. Seamlessly integrate the right information from the right person at the right time, with automated workflows that trigger email alerts, digital forms, and SMS notifications.

Get complete, real-time visibility of your production lines

Keep up with the increasingly fast pace of modern manufacturing. Monitor your production anywhere, any time, so that you can respond quickly to unplanned events and oversee metrics like job progress, production line status, line speed, and downtime. Access historical and live data inside your dashboard or set up automatic notifications triggered by specific events so that you don’t miss a thing.

Data done the right way, every time

Automating data collection means performance data is collected the same way, every time. This means you can be more confident in accurate results — and quantify even the smallest issues and improvements. Plus, you’re always audit-ready with up-to-date records at your fingertips.

Powerful software for manufacturers

We have the tools you need to maximize efficiency, reduce waste, improve profits, and empower your team.


Monitor production performance via connected devices and software, combining data from your machinery and team into beautiful reports and dashboards.



Add another layer to OFS-X, using events to trigger form entries and alerts that capture information from the right person at the right time — fully digitized and automated.

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