Focus your efforts where you can make the biggest difference

Take actions that matter. Use the data to find and prioritize improvements that drive real change. With historical and real-time performance insights at your fingertips, you can quickly and confidently make decisions that improve efficiency, maximize ROI, and grow your business.

Drive early and continuous improvement

Real-time visibility and alerts enable you to respond to issues as they come up — not days or weeks after. Use historical data to motivate your team with benchmarks, or identify patterns to plan for future demand. Plus, with accurate data captured at every step, you can always find new ways to optimize your performance.

Accessible performance insights for your whole team

OFS’s user-friendly dashboards mean your whole team can access performance insights — without needing intensive training or a background in data analytics. Empower your people to act faster and improve performance, with insights on:

- Target units vs actual units
- Downtime
- Equipment utilization
- Operator commentary
- Shift performance
- Line performance (OEE, MTBF, Planned Events, Run Events, Shift Speed)
- Job/SKU performance

Powerful software for manufacturers

We have the tools you need to maximize efficiency, reduce waste, improve profits, and empower your team.


Monitor production performance via connected devices and software, combining data from your machinery and team into beautiful reports
and dashboards.



Add another layer to OFS-X, using events to trigger form entries and alerts that capture information from the right person at the right time — fully digitized and automated.

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