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Produce Efficiently and Sustainably

The OFS software solution integrates manufacturing data, feedback, forms and workflows into an annotated event thread, to drive sustained operational excellence. We harness digital information that is enriched by human engagement. 

Insights & Analytics

Create clarity as information is organised and presented to identify opportunities for improvement quickly. Easily share with the organisation to drive change.


Engage operators and management creating a conversation about 
efficiency. Empower those you trust to make a difference. 

Event Driven

Create an annotated timeline of real-time events. Events can instantly create actions and alerts. Know exactly what is happening on your production floor instantaneously.

Quality & Compliance

Take control of quality, safety and compliance processes. 

Replace error-prone paper forms with searchable, validated, time-stamped electronic forms and workflows.

Anytime Anywhere

Have information and all your records at your fingertips, allowing your production team to quickly prioritise and respond to issues and achieve results fast. 

Create a 10X improvement

Auditable facts based on trusted data, enriched by feedback from your operators and fewer paper forms, can achieve an order of magnitude improvements to response times, compliance, visibility, unexpected events and more.

Build Trust into Processes

90% of manufacturers lack trust in their processes. Learn how OFS can build trust.

Empower Your Operations Team

Amazing outcomes come from great teams. Trusted information and processes empower great teams. OFS maintains the firm belief that people plus technology will always be better than people or technology alone. 

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