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ARYZTA VIC goes paperless in 6 weeks and saves 4 hours per month


ARYZTA is a leading international food business in the frozen bakery industry, supplying to the food service, retail, and QSR sectors. They have operations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, and produce recognised names in continental artisan breads, pastries, viennoiserie, French pâtisserie and American bakery.

After hearing about OFS and how it was being used in similar facilities, Jim Galea, Plant Manager at ARYZTA Victoria, reached out to the OFS team. He was particularly keen on pursuing a paperless factory with digitized check sheets and forms.


The plant has 132 checks… that is a lot of paperwork, lots of metal detectable pens, clipboards, and printing! Some of the check sheets need to be stored away for up to seven years. - Jim Galea, Plant Manager

As a food manufacturer, ARYZTA prioritizes best-in-class QA systems across their bakeries. These systems require operators to manually input significant volumes of data to monitor safety and performance. But relying on manual, paper-based systems can cause challenges like:

  • Loose paper and pens on the shopfloor
  • Messy physical storage that takes up space
  • Difficulty locating records and sharing access to data
  • Limited analysis and delayed insights
  • Demands on operator time (and memory)
  • Difficulty understanding and improving equipment performance and outputs
  • Stressful, time-consuming audits


Within six weeks, we had the whole team using all the features. OFS is easy to use, and can be picked up by operators with minimal OFS training in no time… the guys on the floor love it. - Jim Galea, Plant Manager

ARYZTA’s Victoria bakery implemented both OFS-X and OFS-Flow over a 6 week period, transforming their production lines to create a digitized manufacturing plant. 

They chose a staged rollout, first implementing the system before introducing key people from the floor, followed by the whole team. They tested paperless checksheets to ensure the QA and production teams were comfortable with the system before going live with this element throughout the entire plant.

Top OFS features used by ARYZTA included:

  • Digital forms – Replacing 132 paper checks with Flow forms
  • Production tracking – Volumes, efficiencies, and breakdowns
  • Operator comments – Digitally recording plant and quality concerns, integrated with production line data
  • Analytics – Event logs, downtime reasons, and diagnostic information
  • Live data – Real-time insights from the floor, available to the whole team
  • Historical data – Insights and reports on past performance and trends


It means that when we go to investigate an issue, whether it be an internal deviation or an external complaint, there is more information available and we do not need to rely on people’s memories. I also think there has been an improvement with the engagement of staff. - Hannah Schreurs, QA Manager

Plant Manager, Jim, reports that the team loves using OFS and finds the systems easy to use. QA Manager, Hannah Schreurs, has also been thoroughly impressed with the ease and success of OFS-Flow.

As a result of implementing OFS, ARYZTA has noticed the following improvements:

  • Happy, empowered teams – Comment entries and easily accessible information means teams can share concerns and quickly investigate issues
  • Time savings – Automated data entry, multiple formats, and built-in reports save time for both QA and production teams
  • Workflow improvements – With clear insights into their workflow, ARYZTA were able to eliminate 8 of their checks in just 6 weeks by eliminating double handling of data entry, saving 4 hours each month
  • Clear insights – OFS Analytics provides the plant with easily actionable intelligence
  • Less risk – By digitizing and automating data, there’s greater redundancy on the shopfloor and no need to rely on operators to remember what happened
  • Faster responses – Real-time insights available to the whole team enable ARYZTA to respond quickly to any issues as they occur

What’s next for Aryzta and OFS? The team at ARYZTA are eagerly awaiting WiFi to be made available on the floor so they can use tablets to create check sheets. This will allow the entire plant to use OFS-Flow — including pre-production processes like ingredient traceability and weigh up. And the team at OFS are excited to see how they use their data insights to drive continual improvement and efficiencies!

If OFS is both implemented correctly and supported by the site management team, it’s an easy to use, great tool to be used in your bakery! - Jim Galea, Plant Manager

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