Case Studies
nudie installed OFS in just 6 days – instantly transforming their operational performance


nudie Foods Australia, a subsidiary of Monde Nissin and leading producer of fruit juices, partnered with OFS to kick start their Industry 4.0 journey. nudie Foods began a free trial of OFS (the OFS-Xpress program) and implemented the solution in just 6 days – instantly transforming their operational performance.

“The OFS-Xpress Program is IT light, making the whole onboarding experience smoother than

many other platforms”

Ben Wentworth-Perry, Site Manufacturing Manager



Speed and Accessibility

Overnight nudie Foods had access to organized and accurate data, providing valuable insights to focus resources and align priorities.


Visibility and Improvement

With data to support capital proposals and assist with scheduling and planning, both OEE and morale continues to trend upwards.


  • Accountability
    Empower staff to provide feedback to their team and provide everyone with access to insights.
  • One Team
    Streamline productivity objectives by creating a single source of truth.
  • Performance Improvements
    Present and analyse real-time, live data in the factory to avoid repeat issues and reduce overtime.
  • Time Saving
    Eliminate double handling of manual paper records.
  • Proactive
    Provide Schedulers with tools to enable dynamic and less reactive JIT resource planning with more reliable production data.


nudie Foods NSW Manufacturing Manager, Ben Wentworth-Perry, understood that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” With that, the OFS-Xpress 30-day risk-free trial was implemented within 6 days to begin a journey into digitisation. A new superpower was provided overnight, the ability to validate what they previously found difficult to quantify. The immediate visibility that was achieved was two-fold.


Clear and meaningful data creates a visual factory, engaging everyone.


OFS will play a key role in achieving OEE operations and strategic goals.

“Now we keep breaking records! And our Operators are the first to know with the visual factory”

Ben Wentworth-Perry, Site Manufacturing Manager

By day 2 of the trial, Operators were trained in the OFS interface – empowering them to provide downtime reasons and comments which management could easily review and analyse in downtime reports. Management communication strengthened with information and trends presented in OFS constantly being discussed.  

Within 2 weeks of capturing data, production benchmarks were understood, and smart, attainable targets were set. Providing operator feedback and equipment related information, OFS quickly formed the basis of daily production meetings, toolbox talks and nudie Foods Continuous Improvement process.

WORKING WITH OFS, NUDIE ACHIEVED A 60% Weekly reduction in unplanned downtime for their packer & A SUBSEQUENTLY SIGNIFICANT LIFT IN OEE%
This process repeats over and over to continually drive OEE

With OFS, Alerts have been setup to notify the right people via SMS/email when certain production events happen, as they happen. This has improved the teams culture by empowering the nudie team to act faster and make smarter decisions. nudie have since built upon a repeatable process driven by the insights captured in OFS. Poor performing assets are quickly identified and become a priority for improvements.

What’s Next for Nudie?

In under 6 months, Ben is beyond excited to already be in the second phase of their Industry 4.0 journey, which will evolve their site to a paperless factory. The team at nudie Foods have begun using the digital paperless module OFS-Flow to digitise their previously manual QMS. A buzz exists amongst the team in NSW to transform their compliance, accountability and audit processes.