The 5th Ingredient

The 5th Ingredient

U.S. based company, The 5th Ingredient®, has developed software solutions for craft breweries that help improve quality, save time, and increase profits.


The 5th Ingredient is on a mission to help breweries improve beer quality and consistency with products that help breweries collect and utilize their data for proactive, predictive, process improvement. Their flagship product is Beer30®, which allows breweries to track data from grain-to-glass. 

OFS x The 5th Ingredient

The integration between Beer30® and OFS brings two leading beer industry software suppliers together. 

Beer30® focuses on brew-specific measures and analytics, including raw materials, yeast, process, and more.

Combined with OFS data capture from beer filling, packaging lines, and crew input, craft brewers can get unrivalled visibility and transparency from brew to pallet, including end-to-end yield, time and speed losses, and operational engagement. 

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