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Line Performance

Management Solution

Real-time production data and paperless digital factory solution.

Kick start your Industry 4.0 journey today with the OFS software solution.

Input to Insight
Collect accurate real-time data from produciton lines and enrich it with operator input and commentary.
Improve operational efficiency by digitizing all paper processes and workflows on the factory floor.
Generate Action
Build alerts that provide valuable information, notifying the right people at the right time.

OFS Software Solution

Think of the OFS software solution as the central nervous system for the factory. It integrates human and digital manufacturing feedback, forms and workflows into an annotated event thread. This drives actions and conversations, providing a clear picture of what is going on and when. 

Empower your operators
Create trust in your processes
Empower your management
Event-driven actions and notifications
OFS - Flow
OFS - Analytics
OFS - Alerts
OFS-X and OFS-Go
OFS-X for automated and OFS-Go for manual production processes.
A software solution that engages the entire organisation and empowers your people.
With accurate real-time data, easily identify and capitalise on your production opportunities.
Do you trust your compliance processes?
Are forms completed on time and validated? 
Paper forms are error-prone and difficult to audit, store, search and retrieve; OFS-Flow eliminates such limitations.
With OFS-Flow, build e-forms that pop up on cue, ensuring they are completed on time. 
Create clarity from manufacturing clutter.
Historical information can be aggregated and analysed comparing shifts, products or production lines. This empowers management to pinpoint the largest losses and action improvement.
With easily accessible real-time reports, understand your OEE and quickly identify where and why current issues arise. Gain control of your processes and ensure your plant is running at maximum potential.

Identify problems with your production machinery and know where maintenance resources should be focused.


See the exact status of production and know where and why problems arise. Proactively uncover production constraints and improve your plant's overall efficiency.


Gain control over your manufacturing processes and production methods, ensuring your equipment is running at its maximum potential.


Ensure resilience in your quality process by replacing error-prone paper forms with searchable, audit-able, time-stamped electronic forms. 


High-level information about production performance at your fingertips, to identify cost reduction, increase output and increase overall profit.

The best operations know what and is happening and when.
"Alert logistics that an order will be completed and ready for dispatch in 30 minutes. Alert maintenance when your line has been down for longer than 15 minutes."
 Real-time event-driven alerts & triggers can create a timely call to action when things happen on the shop floor, supporting conversations that drive operational excellence.

OFS Deployment Options


Local servers or virtual machines use your network infrastructure to connect to simple, OFS supplied, PLC's which collect IIoT information from your production lines. All user access is via a web-based user interface.

Cloud "to the edge"

Cloud servers connect directly to a local PLC via an independent network, collecting IIoT information from your production lines. User access is via a web-based user interface to the cloud enabling access from anywhere.

Implementation is simple, quick and easy, with minimal disruption. Learn more about how OFS can easily integrate with your factory floor and other systems now.

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