Line Performance

Management Solution

Monitor production performance in real-time. Digitize paper processes. Generate accurate and timely reports. Engage operators. 

Input to Insight 

Collect accurate real-time data from production lines and enrich it with operator input and commentary.


Improve operational efficiency by digitizing all paper processes and workflows on the factory floor.

 Generate Action

Build alerts that provide valuable information, notifying the right people at the right time.


Reduce Manual Data Collection

Automate Data Capture with IIoT

Collect and analyze data directly from sensors and PLCs on your production line with the power of IIoT. Simple to implement and cost-effective. Reduce manual intervention, improve data accuracy, and save time.

Auto-Generated Alerts and Prompts

Alerts & Automated Workflows

Create SMS and email alerts and automated workflows that provide valuable information to the right people at the right time.  

Accurate & Accessible Analytics

Real-Time Dashboards & Reports

Know how your machines are performing in real-time. Analyse production data with detailed and accurate reports. Turn insights into action and become a data-driven driven factory. 

Production Data at Your Fingertips

Access Information 
Anytime & Anywhere 

Gain visibility across your factory floor with access to live and historical production data on any web-enabled device, including tablets, laptops, and mobiles. 

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Begin Your Digitalization Journey

Go Paperless With Digital Forms

Digitization is key to Industry 4.0. With OFS, you can digitize your forms and checks and automate your data collection – enabling you to streamline and improve production processes.

Simple Integration with Existing Tools

Integrate With Existing Systems & Easily Export Data

Integrate your existing ERP or scheduling tool with OFS to simplify data collection. Using a BI or dashboarding tool? Exporting OFS data into a PDF or CSV file is as simple as a few clicks.


Fast & Easy Deployment

On-Premise or Cloud Deployment

Implementing OFS is simple, quick and easy, with minimal disruption. Choose what works best for your organisation with both on-premise and cloud deployment options available. 

We installed OFS to help us identify our biggest sources of loss and give us real-time data to see how the production line was performing. With OFS data we have been able to target specific problem areas and drive our overall efficiency up.


  Ben Wentworth-Perry | Operations Manager

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