Manufacturing in New Zealand is resurging. Government statistics unveiled in March showed manufacturing, alongside construction, saw the largest quarterly rise in sales in the December ’21 quarter.

This catapulted the industry to an all-time high of NZ$33 billion since the data began being tracked 30 years ago. Data is the operative word here – it has both played a role in this meteoric rise and without it, we wouldn’t know where the industry stood at all.

New Zealand manufacturers are increasingly using intelligent data to virtually eliminate adverse decisions on their packing and filling lines. Data can make any issue clear as day and takes guessing out of the equation when identifying and rectifying pitfalls, leading to increased production and lower costs.

But too much data can become a different kind of problem, causing confusion and an ‘everything is a priority, so nothing is a priority’ mindset to creep in. Increasingly, we’re seeing manufacturers faced with more data, but no analysis of it. Others have analysis, but see no real improvement, meaning manufacturers are left with neither good data nor the means to process it.

This is why OFS is proud to partner with Intent Group, New Zealand’s leader in delivering operational performance improvement to manufacturers. Together, we will help manufacturers across the country remove excessive waste, minimise lost product, and reduce losses in terms of efficiency, speed, and downtime.

Together we will partner with manufacturers to implement systems and processes to routinely identify root causes, standardise processes, and make waste a thing of the past. This will yield improvements including increased productivity, lower operational costs and higher margins.

Unlocking your data

OFS works by uncovering precisely why your lines are underperforming, in real time, across your entire operations. We collect data directly from sensors, PLCs, and other data sources, then represent that data in a seamless visual interface.

The software has built-in record-keeping to see trends over time, seasonality or demand changes, so if a process or strategy failed in the past, you can avoid it happening again in the future.

Intent comes in by helping manufacturers to define the process, working with OFS’ market-leading software to bring operators together and deliver standardisation across the production line. Intent’s Workflow management procedures show compliance or variance results to those who need to know, empowering them to make the right business decisions, and evolving manufacturing roles.

This partnership isn’t about helping New Zealand manufacturers keep pace – it’s about taking the industry to new heights, creating better days on the packing and filling lines, conquering Industry 4.0 opportunities, and producing more for less through the industry’s most valuable resource: data.

If you want to implement the systems, tools and architecture for massive production line growth, contact me at, or Mark at today. If you would like to learn more about how you can drive results with data and insights, please click on the button below.

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