OFS provides a window of insight into your business that is crucial for everyone, from the factory floor to the CEO’s office. It provides up to the second information so you can make informed decisions about today, not yesterday.
IMMEDIATE and LONG TERM benefits to your company
  • Productivity

    Increase factory efficiency
    Accurately identify waste
    Eliminate lost time

  • Real Time

    Live, accurate OEE
    Instant reporting
    Respond to issues

  • Accessibility

    Web based
    Reporting dashboards
    Information anywhere anytime

  • Easy to use

    Fast implementation
    Training takes minutes

OEE Software that will SAVE you THOUSANDS

This low risk investment has been proven to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by up to 50% within a year of implementation.

  • No up front licensing fee
  • No contract – pay for the Software as a Service (SaaS) by the month and discontinue at any time
  • Trial it for a few months – obligation free
  • Access to new software versions included in your monthly payment
  • Suits any size business
  • Tech support on demand with service second to none

Become part of this quiet revolution that is changing the face of manufacturing efficiency, output and profit. More product, better made, with less effort and waste. That’s the OFS promise.