Support Desk Terms

OFS Services are managed through the Service Desk


Access to the “OFS Service Desk” (Support) is offered to all current OFS customers. Support calls to 03 8684 9859 or emails to may be logged 24/7, and will be responded to during the standard business hours for Victoria, Australia.

“How To” Support


As part of the monthly software subscription or maintenance fees Support will answer general help or “How To” questions relating to OFS software. Support also provides services to identify and resolve defects that may occur in OFS software from time to time.


In addition to the above, Support offers a range of billable services.

Quotation for Support Works


For billable services where the time expected to resolve a client request is extensive, OFS standard process is to provide a quote for indicative costs and await a purchase order prior to commencing the works requested.




Where an OFS customer is experiencing an outage rendering the system inoperable or severely disabled, OFS priority is to immediately investigate and resolve the issue. If the issue is the result of a software defect, then OFS will bear the charges of the investigation and remedy. However, if the fault is related to other causes, the costs for the investigation and remedy will be chargeable. If you wish Support to follow a different process, please have the Primary OFS Contact issue the appropriate instructions to Support.​

Software Upgrade Installation


From time to time OFS provide software upgrades for our customers to install. If requested, OFS will install the upgrade for a fee. Upgrade complexity may vary so please request a quote from your sales representative or . More information on upgrades can be found here.




Charges for initial installation, configuration and commissioning are covered by the “Set-Up” fees described in your “OFS Proposal” document and do not incur additional support charges. Commissioning times may vary depending upon the number of lines being deployed concurrently, and the “readiness” of the site. Commissioning is deemed to be complete when a client confirms that the OFS Service is functioning as expected or 2 weeks post the time that the OFS Service commences collecting counts, whichever comes first. Modifications to configuration which occur after commissioning is complete or which change the scope of the configuration will incur support charges indicated in the “General rates and charges” table below.

Support (Billable)


Any support, except as described in “How To”, requested after the commissioning stage shall be invoiced at the below rates. Examples include:

Investigation and remedy for issues caused by items such as:

  • Local network issues

  • Hardware issues

  • Recovery from power outages

  • VPN/access issues


On-demand requests, such as:

  • OFS user asking OFS to perform services that a user is able to perform themselves (e.g. user/configuration request) etc.

  • Customisations

  • Integration works

  • ​Infrastructure/Networking works

  • Requests to change the process model, and reconfiguration

  • Requests to add or change inputs, adding monitor points or counters.

  • Customisation and development requests

  • Invocation of any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties that may be required

  • Additional training that may be requested by the Client from time to time

  • Any requests to assist in setting up and migrating to new servers, including

    • Directions for installing and configuring the operating system

    • Creating users (Ubuntu) for administration and backup purposes

    • Moving all information from the current server to the new server

  • Critical security updates (and other Operating System updates)

  • Application stack (MySQL, Apache, Java) management and performance tuning



OFS will provide complimentary access to a comprehensive suite of training videos which step through how to use all OFS modules in a simple and easy to follow format.

Once the video suite has been viewed by the appropriate people/departments, OFS offer a ‘Master Class’ with a member of the OFS Customer Success team. The Master Class session will address questions arising from the training videos, along with discussions on how best to use our Service to achieve your desired success criteria.


Masterclass training varies according to the situation so they must be quoted individually. Master Class sessions are generally delivered via online sessions, but face-to-face sessions can also be arranged. Generally 0.5 -1 day is sufficient. You can use this and the rate card below as a guide.

Customisation / Development


Customisation/development requests by the client that are over and above the standard OFS software package, e.g. integration works, custom reports etc. Due to the specific nature of this service, each request must be individually quoted and will use the applicable rate below.

Analysis / Consulting / Mentoring


OFS are able to provide consulting expertise in best practice approaches to measuring and monitoring manufacturing lines, designing quality and compliance forms (OFS-Flow) and in determining KPIs and other processes that may assist with operational continuous improvement. OFS are also able to provide assistance in analysing and interpreting information captured by our software. See the rates below.

General rates and charges


The following rates and charges apply to the above services.  All rates which are subject to change.

Invoices are raised at the end of the month in which they are incurred and exclude any travel and accommodation costs. Charges include all time, both productive and non-productive performing tasks on behalf of the client. Non-productive time includes: Travel time and time spent waiting on site for client.

Unit Price (AUD)* 

Software Installation

Per site / Per Upgrade

Request Quote**

Commissioning / Support / Training 

Per Hour / Per Day

$200 / $1600

Customization / Development

Per Day


Analysis / Consulting / Mentoring

Per Day


*These rates are for services provided in Australia. For local rates please contact OFS sales or Sales Partner.

**Upgrade installation complexity varies. Each requires an individual quotation. For more information on upgrades click here.

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