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​OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the manufacturing standard for measuring how effectively a manufacturing operation is utilised and is commonly used to improve manufacturing productivity.


Achieving 100% OEE means running all the time, at top speed, with no waste. Most processes have some losses and every industry has different OEE benchmarks. To help identify and ultimately remedy sources of loss, our software not only measures OEE in real time but helps spark a conversation between operators, engineers, quality and management to quickly identify and eliminate key losses in any operation.
As a result of our unique approach, OFS OEE software helps to create superior, low cost, world's best, superior performance cultures.







AVA measures TIME loss.

This is the time a process is actually "running"  as a percentage of planned production time.

PE measures SPEED loss.

This is the speed (or cycle time) that the process is operating at, as a percentage of expected speed.



Q measures MATERIAL loss.

This is good units produced as a percentage of total units started in the process.

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