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The OFS vision is for all manufactured products to be better made, with less effort and less waste. OFS software is widely used across dozens of different industries to increase manufacturing efficiencies and manufacturing profits.

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OFS is an Australian company specialising in productivity and efficiency improvement software (OEE software) for global manufacturing industries. Tens of thousands of operators are using OFS technologies in dozens of industries. Customers of OFS include: Kraft/Cadbury, Coca-Cola Amatil, Electrolux, AstraZeneca, Heinz, Orora, Dulux Group, Unilever, Food Plastics Co, PACT Group, Labelmakers, Visy Industries, Murray Goulburn, Tatura, Sanitarium, HB Fuller, Standard Can and NCI.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, 07 April 2014 - Operations Feedback Systems (OFS) a leading provider of real time productivity improvement software, announced today that global consumer goods company Unilever have chosen the OFS Software Suite for its Australian operations.

Unilever have deployed the OFS Software Suite for the Minto Ice Cream facility in Sydney which produces products including Magnum, Paddle Pop and Blue Ribbon.

About Unilever: (www.unilever.com):

Unilever is a global consumer goods company with more than 400 brands ranging from balanced foods to indulgent ice creams, affordable soaps, luxurious shampoos and everyday household care products. With more than 174,000 employees worldwide, Unilever products are sold in more than 190 countries with 2 billion consumers worldwide using a Unilever product on any given day.