Paradise Beverages Improves Performance

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MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, 21 OCT 2015 - Operations Feedback Systems (OFS) a leading provider of real time productivity improvement software, announced today that Paradise Beverages has deployed the OFS Software Suite to its manufacturing facility in Suva, Fiji.

“In the past it was always a challenge for us to monitor downtime on our packaging lines”, says Mr. Sharneel Chandra, Operations Manager at Paradise Beverages in Suva, Fiji. “We depended on machine operators to write down any losses, but of course recording any micro stoppages was always a problem”.

Following a successful OFS deployment, Paradise Beverages are now easily able to monitor line performance in real time, as well as capturing all downtime and allocating losses to the relevant categories.


“The downtime information is available in real time and it has become much easier for us to figure out which machine is causing specific losses. Now we attend to issues there and then”, explains Mr Chandra. “The operators too are very excited about this as they no longer have to write down the downtimes in the logbooks. Also, we see a significant level of engagement, with a substantial amount of comments and observations recorded by operators on a daily basis. This tells us that our operators feel that their input is valued and actually lots of pointed information is being passed on to management, maintenance and service teams”.

Paradise Beverages have invested in large displays that are mounted in the packaging line area displaying line performance to all staff working on the floor.

Supply Chain Benefits

Mr Chandra also explains some of the overall supply chain benefits enabled by OFS: "Not only does OFS help monitor line performance but also provides timely information on the SKUs that are being produced. This is used by Logistics and Sales department, who now monitor in real time the amounts available for sale, improving customer service."

About OFS: ( is an Australasian company specialising in productivity and efficiency improvement software (OEE software) for global manufacturing industries. Tens of thousands of operators are using OFS technologies in dozens of industries. Customers of OFS include: Kraft/Cadbury, Coca-Cola Amatil, Electrolux, AstraZeneca, Asahi Beverages, Schweppes, Heinz, Orora, Dulux Group, Unilever, Food Plastics Co, PACT Group, Labelmakers, Visy Industries, Murray Goulburn, Tatura, Sanitarium, Standard Can, Thai Beverage Can and NCI.

About Paradise Beverages:

Among the region’s largest employers, Paradise Beverages employed around 300 staff across Fiji and Samoa. One its four sites, the Suva Brewery employs 119 people and produces Fiji Bitter, Fiji Gold (Fiji’s number one selling beer), Vonu Pure Lager and Fiji Premium, as well as a range of Ready To Drink (RTD) products including Bounty Rum and Cola, and the Tribe range. Other facilities include its Samoan Brewery (home of Vailima Beer, Samoa’s biggest selling beer), its Lautoka Distillery (home of the award-winning Bounty Rum range) and the Lautoka Distribution Warehouse.