OFS Makes Industry 4.0 Accessible with the OFS-Xpress Program

With Operations Feedback Systems (OFS) latest software deployment model OFS-Xpress, manufacturers are now able to have a leading Industry 4.0 solution running within a matter of weeks.

Launched last month, OFS-Xpress provides customers with a program that allows them to trial the OFS software suite free for 30 days.

Roland Thomas, CEO of OFS, stated, “We set ourselves the goal to completely remove the complexity and barriers to get started with our leading Industry 4.0 solution and the response even surprised us. By making it faster, easier and more cost-effective our solution becomes accessible to manufacturers of all sizes, both in Australia and internationally”.

The OFS-Xpress program is now established in both Australia and Thailand, with a noticeable decrease in deployment times.

"We had OFS-Xpress up and running in 2 weeks. Within the first week we discovered that we were encountering an incredible amount of micro stops that were a major source of efficiency loss. Through engagement with OFS from our operators, we were able to identify the cause, make a small capital investment to fix it and the net result was a significant improvement in our OEE. This one fix has more than paid for OFS"

- Operations Manager, Country Chef


If you'd like to learn more about the OFS-Xpress program click here or contact the sales team at sales@ofsystems.com.

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