OFS Team News

From the Support Team:

The OFS Support Team usually doesn't have very much news - and that's just the way we like it! This is because the robustness of the OFS software suite means that our customers typically have very little to worry about. Our internal target is to maintain a world beating 5 minutes or less of unplanned support per customer site per month. And we're smashing this!

This is because we take great care in the quality of our service. For example, any server we build for customers undergoes extensive memory and 'burn' testing, with literately every bit of memory and hard-drive space tested before a server is shipped, ready for plug and play by the customer. If a test fails, we simply don't ship until all tests are passed.

Even with this level of care, from time to time, things still can go wrong. Recently, a server, that had passed all of these tests, began to fail intermittently a few days after commissioning. The OFS support team decided to immediately replace the server with a new one, which was shipped to site within 24h of the problem being identified.

Despite the failure, the customer was very happy with the level of service and the OFS support team did a great job with such a fast turnaround. Our goal is 'transparent superiority' in delivering technology solutions to industry - we will be better than expected, on all fronts!

From the Software Development Team:

August sees the Dev team continue core work on the OFS-Q (quality) suite. Early stage beta software has been deployed to a number of industry candidates and the results have been outstanding. This exciting module is definitely going to bring engagement and value to the quality testing and document space in manufacturing. Works are proceeding to schedule, with a release candidate expected early in the new year.

The Dev team are also expanding the back-end capacity of the OFS software suite. August saw completion of our 'massive resilience upgrade', intended to handle the needs of large-scale enterprise clients.

From the Sales Team:

Exciting news from the Sales team in August includes signing a new distributor for the Phillipines. OFS also entered the massive Indonesian market during August.

August has also been a busy month on the events and speaking circuit, with OFS featuring as a keynote presenter during the annual Australian Continuous Improvement Forum in Sydney, as well as the Annual Manufacturing Operational Efficiency 2016 Forum in Melbourne.

About OFS: (www.ofsystems.com)

OFS is an Australian company specialising in productivity and efficiency improvement software (OEE software) for global manufacturing industries. Tens of thousands of operators are using OFS technologies in dozens of industries. Customers of OFS include: Mondelez, Coca-Cola Amatil, Asahi Beverages, Electrolux, AstraZeneca, Aspen Pharma, Heinz, Orora, Dulux Group, Unilever, Goodman Fielder, PACT Group, Labelmakers, Visy Industries, Murray Goulburn, Tatura, Sanitarium, Standard Can, Thai Beverage and more.