OFS Appoints James Magee as Chief Executive Officer

Operations Feedback Systems (OFS), a leader in manufacturing excellence software, is delighted to announce the appointment of James Magee as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 1st April 2019.

James has long served as OFS Global Sales Director and was responsible for the company's global sales operations and general market strategy. Joining OFS in 2012, James has had a significant role in the growth of the Sales team and the company as a whole.

Announcing James’ appointment, Operations Feedback Systems founder Shoni Even-Chaim said: “Watching the OFS team grow in capability, striding confidently through the world with passion and purpose is easily the best part of being the OFS founder.”

“Seeing James develop as a leader to where he is today has been simply outstanding. Anybody who has ever had the pleasure of dealing with James will feel that they are in the best possible hands at all times. I couldn’t be happier for James, nor could I be more proud of where and how OFS stands today.”

Reflecting on his appointment, James said: “I am thrilled to be given an opportunity to lead such a wonderful company into the next phase of our journey. OFS has built a tremendous reputation for always being there to help our customers excel. The whole OFS team is aligned in ensuring we remain a customer centric organisation.”

“The OFS team is determined to continue to lead the way with worlds best products. There are many emerging trends in manufacturing, such as Industry 4.0. The company will be making significant investments to ensure that we are delivering value-adding products, designed in the ‘OFS way’ and aligned with the future of manufacturing.”

About OFS

Operations Feedback Systems Pty. Ltd. (“OFS”) is a privately owned Australian company focusing exclusively on the development and distribution of a real time production information and paperless digital factory solution.

With OFS installed in over 8 countries and 30 vertical markets, our vision is to help the industrial world produce products more efficiently and sustainably. To learn more about OFS and our software solutions, click here.