OFS and Nukon Announce Partnership Offering Manufacturers a Seamless Industry 4.0 Solution

OFS is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nukon, a leader in digital transformation consulting services and delivery. OFS will work closely with Nukon to support Australian manufacturers embarking on their digitization and Industry 4.0 journey.

Nukon specialise in delivering digital transformation solutions for companies that want to be future ready. Their independent custom-designed solutions combine strategy, analysis and technology to bring full visibility into key business processes.

Industry 4.0 partnership
OFS CEO James Magee (left) and Nukon Manager Director Alec Konynenburg (right) at the 2019 Total Plant Management Conference.

This partnership is a natural fit, forming a powerful combination of software and implementation expertise. With OFS bringing class-leading manufacturing productivity software tools together with Nukon’s vast experience in systems integration and network optimisation. For manufacturers this partnership means fit-for-purpose, reliable, cost-effective and future-ready digital solutions that are delivered seamlessly.

OFS Chief Executive Officer James Magee said “We are delighted to have signed a partnership agreement with Nukon who share our belief that technology adoption will transform the manufacturing industry. Nukon bring a level of technical expertise and experience that will benefit current and future OFS customers particularly in the space of systems integration and deployment.”

Nukon Managing Director Alec Konynenburg stated “Nukon is excited by the partnership with OFS that will enable both companies to work together in delivering an affordable asset utilisation monitoring solution. Together we will help customers understand and improve their manufacturing operations like never before”

OFS and Nukon look forward to leveraging each others strengths and capabilities to deliver world-class solutions and services that will help Australian manufacturers increase their efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.

If you’d like to learn more about the Nukon and OFS partnership, please reach out to OFS at media@ofsystems.com.


About OFS

OFS (Operations Feedback Systems), founded in Australia in 2006, is a software solutions company committed to empowering manufacturers with the tools they need to drive sustained operational excellence. The OFS software solution delivers key insights by integrating real-time manufacturing data, operator input, digitized forms and workflows. This provides manufacturers with visibility, and with visibility comes insights to make better decisions, leading to improved overall operational efficiency, reduced waste and increased profits.

To learn more about OFS, please visit: www.ofsystems.com


About Nukon

Nukon are your digital transformation consultancy and delivery specialists. Specialising in delivering digital transformation for companies that want to be future ready - whatever it holds.

Nukon provides independent, custom-designed solutions which combine strategy, analysis and technology to give visibility into key business processes, so they can be optimised. Their consulting and agile implementations enable a collaborative and iterative way to implement solutions that are fit-for-purpose, reliable, cost-effective and have an instant impact on business output.

To learn more about Nukon, please visit: www.nukon.com.au