Register now for the OFS Fusion-Manager Release

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

The OFS Development Team are delighted to introduce you to the first module in our Fusion Series, Fusion-Manager. Fusion-Manager is a next-generation replacement for the existing OFS configuration manager, known as ConfMan.

Developed with best of breed technology, utilising modern user experience design principles, Fusion-Manger delivers a clean interface and a simple to use platform for OFS self-administration and configuration.

The improvements in Fusion-Manager cover our entire configuration tool, line by line, site by site, as well as delivering a complete overhaul in the creation of alerts, forms, workflows and triggers in OFS-Flow.

Watch our Software Development Lead, Aurelio, explain some of the key functionalities of Fusion-Manager in more detail below:

The design principles you will experience in Fusion-Manager are a window into the future of OFS. Want to learn more? Click here to read the Fusion-Manager release notes.

To register your interest in this upgrade please follow the link below or contact the sales team on