OFS Revolutionising the Baking Industry (Aryzta Case Study)

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Aryzta is a leading international food business in the frozen bakery industry and are a global supplier to the food service, retail and QSR sectors. Aryzta’s Victoria bakery have been delighted with their OFS experience, having taken only 6 weeks to unlock the benefit of OFS-X and OFS-Flow in transforming their production lines into an engaged and empowered manufacturing plant.

With OFS-X, Aryzta now have an excellent tool to track production

and packing volumes, efficiencies and all break downs. The intuitive

interface has seen Aryzta’s operators entering comments about all

plant and quality concerns. OFS-Analytics provides the plant with

event logs, downtime reasons and diagnostic information, all of which

generate easily actionable intelligence.

Jim and his team were incredibly happy with the ease of getting started with OFS;

“We had a trial period of eight weeks, but within six weeks we had the whole VIC team

using all the features. OFS is easy to use, and can be picked up by operators with minimal

OFS training in no time...the guys on the floor love it”

Going Paperless with OFS-Flow

QA Manager, Hannah Schreurs has also been thoroughly impressed with the ease and success of OFS-Flow, now having moved to a paperless quality system. Starting with a myriad of 132 important checks on their bun and muffin line, OFS-Flow’s powerful electronic workflow capability has reduced the time, risk, and effort associated with paper forms. Aryzta have since eliminated 8 of these checks in just 6 weeks, giving back 4 hours of time each month by eliminating the double handling of data entry.

Aryzta’s Quality team were quickly presented with a clear window into their Operator’s quality burden.

What’s next for Aryzta and OFS?

Aryzta Vic are eagerly awaiting Wi-Fi being set up on the floor which will then allow check sheets to be done on mobile devices on the move and the entire plant can utilise OFS-Flow, particularly for pre-production processes such as ingredient traceability and weigh up.

To learn more about the OFS Software Solution or request a free 30 day trial of the OFS software solution, please contact sales@ofsystems.com.

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