Operational Excellence Leaders

Gain manufacturing insights and network with like-minded individuals

The manufacturing industry is full of talented and passionate individuals eager to gain and share knowledge. Our relationships with some of the best manufacturing brands and industry leaders put us in a unique position to facilitate this within the manufacturing community. To that end, we are starting Operational Excellence Leaders (OEL), a community-focused meetup group for knowledge sharing.

Join Operational Excellence Leaders events and you'll be able to:

  • Hear leaders speak from manufacturing sites around the world.

  • Learn how you can run your plant more efficiently and sustainably.

  • Learn about manufacturing best practices.

  • Share your experience and insights and be seen as an Operational Excellence Leader.

No events scheduled.

Keep an eye out for the next session.

Upcoming Events
Previous Events

Thursday, 12th of August, 2:00 AEST

[Virtual Event]
Turn Manufacturing Data into Insights – Fast!


Thursday, 25th of March, 2:00 AEDT

[Virtual Event]

Solving Business Problems With Production Performance Data


Thursday, 19th of November, 2:00 AEDT

[Virtual Event]

Moving From Paper Forms to Digital Processes on the Factory Floor


Tuesday, 10th of September, 4:00 AEST

[Virtual Event]

How to Implement a New System and Gain Buy-In at your Organisation

Copy of Detmold.jpg

Thursday, 25th of June, 4:00 AEST

[Virtual Event]

Using Manufacturing Data to Create a Culture

of Ownership and Drive Decision Making