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Leading Australian and New Zealand Food Service manufacturer reduces lost-time by 80% and increases OEE by 10% with OFS.



Partnering with OFS in 2017, a leading Australian and New Zealand supplier of bread and dairy products implemented real-time production monitoring with OFS across multiple sites.


This partnership has allowed them to push boundaries in production output, make smart CAPEX decisions, and further develop their sustainable operating environment. 



Before implementing OFS, this supplier of baked goods was unable to measure production performance, machine availability, or OEE accurately – acknowledging that their time-consuming manual data entry approach to recording production information was open to data entry errors.


They also recognized that the lack of real-time information hampered their ability to react swiftly to issues and conduct accurate root-cause analysis reports.



To improve the accuracy and speed of their data collection, they implemented sensors on their production lines that automatically captured a real-time count of units and line speed. This data is then automatically fed into the OFS software suite and combined with inputs and commentary by operators on the OFS shop-floor console. 

“OFS is as good as what you put into it - the more operators are putting in, the more context you get around breakdowns and they become your eyes on the factory floor

 - Production Manager

This combination of accurate production line data and operator comments have enabled this manufacturer to understand the real cause of their micro stops and downtimes, giving the Production Manager the required information to justify CAPEX and OPEX decisions. 

“We were aware of how dough consistency affects the line,

but with OFS we now have the data to show the true impact."

- Production Manager

This data pointed to opportunities for further operator training at a particular station and equipment enhancements that resulted in the site gaining an additional 100 minutes of weekly added uptime and a subsequent 10% increase in OEE.


Accurate data from OFS enabled the company to justify CAPEX such as training and machinery adjustments that resulted in an 80% reduction in lost-time, and a subsequent 10% increase in OEE.  

Justified CAPEX

CAPEX requests are now justified, as OFS provides this manufacturer with accurate reports on causes of lost time.

Improved OEE

By reducing lost time and improving wastage, this manufacturer has seen a 10% increase in OEE across their sites. 

Increased Visibility 
This manufacturer now has access to an array of accurate and real-time reports that can be used in daily, weekly and monthly Production meetings.

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