The OFS Software Solution

Measure and monitor your production efficiency in real-time. Improve processes and increase profits.


Real-Time Data

Use sensors to collect real-time data from your production line.

Powerful Analytics

Access reports that highlight inefficiencies in your factory.

Digitize Processes

Turn factory paperwork into electronic forms. Go Paperless.


Visibility to Improve Manufacturing Performance

Empower your team with live dashboards and real-time production data. The cloud-based platform is simple to use and instantly accessible anywhere at anytime.

Improve OEE and Asset Utilization

Gain insights into your OEE metrics and asset performance. Easily pinpoint where your key production constraints are and drive continuous improvement.

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Build a Digital Paperless Factory

Digitize your factory floor paperwork with electronic forms and workflows – revolutionize your quality control. Create forms that pop on cue and ensure they are filled on time. 

We installed OFS to help us identify our biggest sources of less and give us real-time data to see how production line was performing. With OFS data we have been able to target specific problem areas and drive our overall efficiency up.

– Ben Wentworth-Perry | Operations Manager

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