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See how Aryzta achieved early wins and replaced 132 paper checks with OFS.

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Arzyta is a leading international food business in the frozen bakery industry, and are a global supplier to the food service, retail and QSR sectors. Aryzta’s Victoria bakery has been delighted with their OFS experience, having taken only 6 weeks to unlock the value of OFS in transforming their production lines into an engaged and empowered manufacturing plant.

“We had a trial period of eight weeks, but within six weeks we had the whole VIC team using all the features. OFS is easy to use, and can be picked up by operators with minimal OFS training in no time.The guys on the floor love it”

Jim Galea - Plant Manager


With OFS,  Arytza now have an excellent tool to track production and packing volumes, efficiencies and all breakdowns. The intuitive interface on the OFS shop floor console has seen Aryzta’s operators entering comments about all plant and quality concerns. This information is then automatically fed into an analytics module, where the Aryzta team have access to all plant and event logs, downtime reasons and diagnostic information. From this, Aryzta are able to generate actionable intelligence.

​“The sky 's the limit as to the information you can get from OFS”

Jim Galea - Plant Manager

Going Paperless with OFS-Flow

Aryzta’s Quality Assurance Manager, Hannah Schreurs has also been thoroughly impressed with the ease and success of OFS-Flow, the OFS paperless form module. Since implementing OFS-Flow, Aryzta have moved to a paperless quality system that has replaced 132 important checks on their bun and muffin line with their digital counterparts. This has reduced the time, risk and effort associated with paper forms.


When implementing the OFS paperless module, Aryzta were also able to eliminate 8 checks in just 6 weeks by eliminating the double handling of data entry. This is a time saving of 4 hours each month.


“It is very visual to be able to see what checks have been completed and what has been missed. We quickly noticed one check that was supposed to be completed every 15 minutes was too frequent and not manageable by our staff, so we pulled this back to a half-hourly check”

Hannah Schreurs - QA Manager



According to the team at Aryzta, OFS has given their Victoria bakery:

Real-Time Information 
A real-time window of truth into their production processes. 

Efficient QA
Easy access to Quality Assurance data that was previously buried in archive boxes and hard to access.

Engaged Team
The ability to engage their entire team to operate sustainably, and do more with less.

Reduction in Redundancy
A significant reduction in redundancy on the shop floor, as they no longer need to rely on operators memory of line history.

Jim Galea - Plant Manager Testimonial

Personally I was very impressed with the OFS system when I attended a seminar and heard about this application that could be used out in our plant. I was sold on the idea of going “paperless” with check sheets and forms. The Vic plant has 132 checks out on the plant for bun and muffin line (of various sorts). That is a lot of paperwork, lots of metal detectable pens, clipboards and printing! Some of the check sheets are needed to be stored away for up to seven years plus. Finding room to store them in a neat and safe storage can be a challenge over time. On days of “audits” this paperwork would need to be collected around the plant, photocopied and quickly placed back out on the line, because the guys on the floor needed them as they were in production. Going paperless helped us to quickly search and bring up those required check sheets in no time at all. 


Within a six week period we have eliminated five check sheets in bun production and three in bun packing. The guys on the floor “love it!”. QA have saved 4 hours of data entry time a month, by transferring information from OFS system to excel files for reporting purposes.

OFS-X in general is a great tool, tracking production and packing volume, efficiencies, breakdowns and planned downtimes. The guys out on the floor are entering comments about plant and quality issues/concerns. The information is easily accessible to help with troubleshooting and fact finding. QA love the tool, especially for investigation of issues. The information generated can be easily analysed and displayed in many formats. The sky’s the limit as to what type of report information you would like to generate from it.

The roll out was done in the following sequence: get system implemented and up and running, introduce “key people” from the floor to using the system, followed by the whole team as an introduction to the OFS system. Slowly introduce “paperless check sheets” as a trial and testing the system. (Continued with current paper version). Once
QA and production team are comfortable and tested without any issues, then go live with paperless check sheets...the guys on floor love it!


We had a trial period of eight week, but within six weeks we had the Vic team using the OFS system using all of the above features. OFS is easy to use and with quick proper training can be picked up by operators in no time. Next steps for the Vic plant is getting Wi-Fi out on the floor sorted out so we can use tablets to create check sheets that can be done on the
“move’. eg: “Team Leader - start of shift checks”. This will then lead us into ingredient traceability and weigh up!! this space!!.....yes it’s time to enter the 21st century.

If OFS is both implemented correctly and supported by the site management team, it’s an easy to use and great tool to be used in your bakery!

Hannah Schreurss - Quality Assurance Manager Testimonial

Using OFS has been great from a QA perspective. Through this we are able to identify when checks are being missed
and the time it takes to complete the checks. Using this information and through prior knowledge we have been able to identify what checks are redundant and where we are setting our expectations too high in the amount of work than
one operator is supposed to complete within a timeframe. It is very visual to be able to see what checks have been
completed and what have not and easy to pull up checks and for QA to verify on an adhoc basis that they have been


It has also resulted in us spending less time in entering data after the fact and transposing it from paper into excel. Now with a click of a couple of buttons we are able to extract it.


The other area I have found it has had a successful impact is through the way that staff are communicating and reporting
breakdowns and issues they are having on the line. It means that when we go to investigate an issue whether it be an internal deviation or an external complaint there is more information available and we do not need to rely on people’s
memories. I also think there has been an improvement through using flow with the engagement of staff when it comes to completing the checks that they need to.

We have found the layout of checksheets easy for the operators to use and easy for us to customise using confman
and looking forward to more iterations of confman where this will become even easier to do! I am looking forward to when the site gets WIFI, this will mean we can go further with it, with more of our ‘travelling’ checksheets being able to be put onto tablets so they can be completed on the go and we can start looking at using it for traceability.

The Future


Arzyta Victoria are eagerly awaiting WiFi being set up on the floor, which will then allow digital check sheets to be completed on the move with any internet-connected device. From there the entire team can utilise OFS-Flow – particularly for pre-production processes such as ingredient traceability and weigh up.

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